Capturing Spring

Field of Goodness
Field of Goodness

Most of you know by now how much I cherish dandelion flowers..

Mount Curie, Pemberton
Mount Curie, Pemberton

And I travel a long way to find immaculate and beautiful flowers…


Collecting them just before they change from suns into moons..



Foraging Dandelion Flowers
Foraging Dandelion Flowers



365 flowers will make 6 jars of dandelion confit…



365 flowers, one for each sun that have risen and set since last year’s spring…



Dandelion confit has a rich amber colour with a pleasant taste reminiscent of honey…

Labor of Love
Labor of Love


Dandelion confit is as bright as the sun and as sweet as honey.. it is simply spring in a jar..


4 thoughts on “Capturing Spring

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful dandelion jelly with all of us. It is so amazing to see where the flowers come from and the love and attention you put into gathering them. Your love is a gift, Thank you for sharing your heart with us. If you ever need help gathering flowers please let me know i would love to help out.
    Blessings Sonia


    1. Thank you Sonia for your kind words … So many people are asking me if they could come foraging dandelion with me.. I think we should organize a day in the country next spring… will post it on my calendar for next spring!


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