Summer Breeze..

In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. And that makes me happy.

Albert Camus


Summer Days
Summer Days


Summer is here at last… and all things that makes me smile…


Summer Breeze
Summer Breeze

I am spending a lot of time at farmer’s market and meeting new or returning customers and friends..always a pleasure…

Meeting New Friends
Making New Friends

Cooking summer jam is accomplished early morning when the kitchen has had  time to cool down over night time..

Heavenly Summer Raspberry
Heavenly Summer Raspberry

The light breeze I feel at night when walking faithful Che inspired me this new jam…Summer Breeze: Fresh B-C blueberry, fresh mint and lemon balm from my garden…

BC Blueberries, Fresh Mint and Lemon Balm
BC Blueberries, Fresh Mint and Lemon Balm: Summer Breeze Jam

Come find me this Sunday at Ladner Village Market. I will also have Tayberry Jam.. (A cross between blackberry and raspberry, the name Tayberry comes from Tay River in Scotland…They grow here, I picked them with my daughter! )

Tayberry Jam
Tayberry Jam

Lots of Rhubarb Jam, Strawberry Jam, Lime and Lemongrass Marmalade and more…

Next week July 13th-20th  find me:

Sunday July 13th Ladner Village Market

Wednesday July16th at Main Street Market,

Thursday July 17th Yaletown Market

Saturday July 19th  Kerrisdale Market and

Sunday July 20th Whistler!!!

Then you can find me at the lake…

Lost Lake, Whistler
Lost Lake, Whistler


Have you had a look at “Small Batch Magazine‘? You will find profiles of master artisans and learn methods for the creatively curious to try their own hand at making something great.

And you can Read About Le Meadow’s Pantry in small batch magazine… I am also contributing to small batch magazine and will introduce master artisans from British-Columbia!

Happy Reading!




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