I grew up in the Eastern countryside of Québec surrounded by maple trees and vegetable gardens. At an early age, I was introduced to foraging wild plants and harvesting fruits and vegetables from our land. Through this experience, my passion for food was born. This is where my roots are, and where I learned the importance of preserving and capturing the flavours of each season.

In different capacities, much of my life has been spent around food. I worked as a cook in several kitchens and was a server in fine dining, gourmet, and traditional restaurants.

In my early 20s, I spent several years in Spain and travelled around Europe. This is where  I became more deeply interested in traditional foods. Exploring the markets of Barcelona, Rome, Florence, and Tangier, I found new flavours and was particularly impressed how everyone seemed to preserve foods and eat following the seasons.

In 1998, I moved to Vancouver and studied traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and food cures, and went on to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, with a Traditional Herbalist Diploma. I then created Le Petit Chou, an in-home nutrition counselling service.

I am a single mother of two amazing daughters, two fluffy cats, and a dog; an artisan jam and marmalade maker; and a lover of fruit trees, botanicals, and gardens. British Colombia is our home, surrounded by nature, orchards, and farms — the perfect location to pursue my passion for food by transforming perfectly ripe fruits into jewel-like preserves.

I love comments and feedback, so don’t hesitate to contact me at lemeadowspantry@gmail.com.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Congratulations Genevieve on a Wonderful New Line of Incredibly Great Tasting Products! They are Masterpieces! Good Luck!!!


  2. So far, the jam we’ve opened, Raspberry, is a HUGE success! We wonder if melted, how well it would go on top of cheese cake? Our household appreciates the skill you put into your product, nothing beats homemade with love!
    Many thanks.
    Sue Chalmers


    1. Thank you Sue 🙂
      … if you add a little bit of liquor to a pan and heat it up with the raspberry jam, that would work perfectly on a cheesecake… I would try with either kirsch, Grand Marnier or Brandy, especially a berry-flavoured one….


  3. Bonjour Geneviève, je viens d’écouter le programme bien dans son assiette et j’aimerais avoir 6 pots de vos produits.

    Mon adresse est; 969 Agnès, Montréal, Québec, H4C 2R2.

    SVP faite moi savoir comment vous payer.




    1. Bonjour Raymond, merci de me contacter. Je vais vous envoyer la liste des saveurs disponible et les methodes de paiment a votre adresse couriel videotron. Vous pouvez aussi m’envoyer un courriel a lemeadowspantry@gmail.com Au plaisir,Genevieve


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