I just want to let you know that your raspberry and rose jam is quite possibly the best jam/jelly/preserves I’ve ever tried, and that even includes all the fancy gelées I’ve tasted in my long career in fine dining F&B.




Great #foodartisans across Canada are discovering novel ways to use our hand-harvested, all natural sea salts.


Intrepid traveler, holistic nutritionist, traditional herbalist, and now an artisan jam and marmalade maker, Geneviève, a Québécoise living in British-Columbia since 1998 uses local, seasonal, sustainably-farmed fruit and local ingredients to create unique and super yummy jars of fruit goodness!


She uses Vancouver Island Sea Salt Co’s #smokedseasalt to create the bold, wake-up-your-toast grapefruit smoked sea salt jam called Bitter Sweet Morning. Nothing timid, everything delicious in this fearless concoction and we’re so proud we passed Geneviève’s discerning taste and high standards.


You can find out more about #LeMeadowsPantry and where to score your own Bitter Sweet Morning in her blog, https://lemeadowsfoodstories.com/.

Vancouver Island Salt Co.


I bought a jar of quince marmalade this Saturday from Farmer’s Market in Vancouver and I just can’t get enough of it. 
I would die to have 2 more jars… I cannot wait to have some more of your delicious products!!!

A very passionate customer of yours,



Hi Genevieve,

I am inquiring how to go about ordering a few jars to be delivered to Edmonton.
We discovered your booth while honeymooning on Granville island last summer and fell in love with the Tequila Limette (??)jam
 Hope to be in Vancouver this summer and will hunt you down to get some more!

Sonia Kandera


Hello Genevieve,

We just bought your Summer Captured strawberry jam and Limette marmalade at the Mount Pleasant farmers’ market this morning… came home and promptly treated ourselves to some with our breakfast. Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed them — so flavourful and delicious, we could taste the care and passion you put into creating your preserves!
Looking forward to trying more of your creations, these would make ideal Christmas gifts…

Many thanks,

Cynthia and Leif


Dear Geneviève,

In October of last year I visited my partner in Vancouver and on a wondrous trip to Granville Island I visited a lovely farmers market where you were with your fabulous produce.
 I bought one of your Pear Maple and sage jam and have treasured it for a “special” occasion as I was intrigued by your very interesting flavour combinations.
 It was superb and I have to confess that I finished the entire jar in less than 24 hours as it was soooooooo delicious. 
I just wish I could find such creative and delicious preserves in the UK.
 I have dabbled myself with jam making with varied results in trying to recreate a carrot/cinnamon jam I tried in Fes, Morocco. 
When I returned and did some online research I realised that during the war carrots were used to create a marmalade when there was a shortage of citrus fruits which intrigued me. My personal results need refining but flavour is yummy although consistency is somewhat runny but great in my porridge or morning yoghurt. 
I will keep an eye on your blog so that when I next return to Vancouver I’ll hopefully be able to catch up and pick up some more supplies. Wishing you continued pleasure in harvesting and creating culinary delights.

Best wishes from me in Faversham , Kent,  UK



I bought some blue velvet, which are the best blueberry preserves I’ve ever had, anywhere in the world (I travel a lot for work). Something about the magical combination of star anise, honey and lemon… I’ve started using this to cook my buckwheat hot cereal. That blue velvet is just amazing! I wish I had more now.

 Margaret Czeisler, Seattle


Thank you very much for introducing me to your jams.  The Dandelion Nectar/Jelly was by far the best jam I have ever enjoyed.

Monica, Sea to Sky Corridor


Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful dandelion jelly with all of us. It is so amazing to see where the flowers come from and the love and attention you put into gathering them. Your love is a gift, Thank you for sharing your heart with us. If you ever need help gathering flowers please let me know I would love to help out.

Blessings, Sonia


Her pear ginger jam is to die for. Just a sample of some of the flavors I look.

Bonnie Sainsbury


I just discovered this little gem today at the Lonsdale Quay weekend market. I am so happy I took the time to speak to the owner. My family background is English and I have a great appreciation for marmalades and preserves but most of the time I just don’t buy them because I find them very disappointing. Today I purchased the Grapefruit, Lemon and Orange, I have already had it on 2 pieces of freshseed bread with butter. I am thrilled with my purchase and will probably need another jar by next weekend. I hope to see you again very soon to grab more of this marmalade and hopefully grab a jar of black currant if you have some made by then. I plan to grab a couple more jars to take back home to Ontario for Christmas. I can’t wait to share this great find with my family.


Thank you so much.


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