Cherry and Apple Jam Just in Time for Holiday Craft Fairs!

Apple & Cherry Jam
Apple & Cherry Jam


Tomorrow is our first Christmas Craft Fair of the season and I made a new jam to celebrate! Cherry and Apple is our latest delight. Thin slices of apple and whole black cherries are floating in a light syrup with hints of fresh mint and vanilla…

St. Thomas Aquinas High School

541 West Keith Road, North Vancouver

Sunday November 2nd, 2014

10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Admission is 2$ & parking is free

Tomorrow you will also find:


Lemon & Vodka

Blood Orange

Thick Cut Orange

Lime & Lemongrass

Orange & Lemon + Orange Blossom Water

Pear & Lemon


Blueberry Honey

Black Plum Vanilla Brandy

Spiced Apple & Cranberry Jelly



Balsamic Strawberry

Black Plum Honey & Star Anise

Pear & Ginger

Pear, Maple Syrup & Sage

Plum, Black Currant & Shallot Chutney

Rhubarb & Ginger

Dandelion Confit


Banana & Chocolate

And more!!!!

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Autumn is here with its abundance of colours and flavours…. Autumn also brings new preserves, new kitchen, new winter markets and holiday fairs and, new stores!


Spiced apple & cranberry jelly
Spiced apple & cranberry jelly

Ruby red apple and red current jelly with cinnamon, cloves, peppercorn and star anise to keep you warm…


Jams in stores
Jams in stores

Jams and marmalades in their new quarters….

Lime & Lemongrass marmalade
Lime & Lemongrass marmalade


Limette was shining all summer long at the market….

black plum, honey ,star anise
black plum, honey ,star anise

Black plum, one of my favourite jams…two different versions this fall: plum, honey and star anise, and plum, fresh bay leaves, vanilla and brandy.

Chutney, jam, jelly
Jelly, marmalade and jam

Another favourite and new marmalade: Lemon and East Van vodka marmalade…

~ Fine slices of lemon suspended in a bright and fruity jelly with the addition of East Van Vodka from Odd Society Distillery…come try it at the new winter market at the PNE…or the last market of the season at Lonsdale quay on October 25th…or find it in stores…

Lemon & East Van Vodka
Lemon & East Van Vodka



spiced apple & cranberry jelly
spiced apple & cranberry jelly

We also have a chutney made with plum, black currant and shallots!

Pear and lemon marmalade is coming back soon… and blood orange marmalade too!

Black currant jelly with blackberry in suspension will be appearing soon…and grapefruit and smoked sea salt is sold out again! ….will also have pure black currant jam..thank you for your patience…


Also, don’t hesitate to contact me if you want a special order for the holiday…










Petite Plum and Lemon, Hyssop & Lavender Marmalade

Even though I have forgotten her

I continue to eat

plum after plum…

-Haiku,  James Tipton.

Lonely petite plum
Lonely petite plum


Duo of petite plum
Duo of petite plum


Blushing petite plum
Blushing petite plum


I love plums, and can’t wait to make one of our favourite plum jam with fresh bay leaves, vanilla and Brandy… I named this jam Plum Coquette…

I am still working on raspberries, strawberries and blueberries.. The blueberry jam infused with fresh mint and lemon balm was very well received at the market, especially on those sizzling summer days…


Lavender and Hyssop
Lavender and Hyssop


Lavender and Hyssop
Lavender and Hyssop

Lavender and Hyssop are in full bloom…ready to share their fragrant essence to the lemon marmalade…


Lemon Lavender Hyssop Marmalade
Lemon Lavender Hyssop Marmalade


Lemon Lavender Hyssop Marmalade
Lemon Lavender Hyssop Marmalade

This lemon marmalade is made with thin slices of lemon suspended in a bright and fruity yet slightly tart jelly. The two marvelous flavours of lavender and hyssop blend in perfect harmony to add an herbal note.



Le Meadow's Pantry Lemon Marmalade with Lavender and Hyssop
Le Meadow’s Pantry Lemon Marmalade with Lavender and Hyssop


Le Meadow's Pantry Lemon Marmalade with Lavender and Hyssop
Le Meadow’s Pantry Lemon Marmalade with Lavender and Hyssop

I named this marmalade Terrific Tea Time… for an indolent afternoon…

Find me with luscious jams and bold marmalades Saturday July 19th Kerrisdale 10-2pm and Whistler July 20th 10-4pm…

Sea to Sky Friends…

Fine Spring at Le Meadow's Pantry
Fine Spring at Le Meadow’s Pantry

I hope you enjoyed your winter..



Inspiring Morning at Le Meadow's Pantry
Inspiring Morning at Le Meadow’s Pantry


Here at Le Meadow’s Pantry we have been busy concocting all sorts of beautiful preserves…



Fragrant Days at Le Meadow's Pantry
Fragrant Days at Le Meadow’s Pantry


Our latest is a sour cherry and red currant jam infused with Chaga Chai tea from Namasthé… also a fresh spring marmalade; orange, lemon, fresh bay leaves and orange blossom water…


Sweetest Petit Déjeuner at Le Meadow's Pantry
Sweetest Petit Déjeuner at Le Meadow’s Pantry


I will be traveling on the Sea to Sky Highway tomorrow. If you would like to add some delicious preserves to your morning or your Easter Brunch, contact me and I will be happy to stop by…


Le Meadow's Pantry at Vancouver Waldorf School Spring Market
Le Meadow’s Pantry at Vancouver Waldorf School Spring Market


Sunday you will find me in North Vancouver at the Vancouver Waldorf  School Spring Craft Fair along with other fabulous artisans!


Bon Matin Emerald

Daffodil Morning Le Meadow's Pantry
Daffodil Morning Le Meadow’s Pantry


Blossom Le Meadow's Pantry

Blossom Le Meadow’s Pantry


Say Bonjour to Emerald, Orange Vanilla Dream, Clair de Lune, Banana Gone Gourmet, Limette, Bitter Sweet Morning , Polpa Rossa and all our other favourites

today at

VFM, Nat Bailey Stadium, 10-2 , rain or shine.

North Delta Spring Market Tomorrow !

Le Meadow's Pantry's Grapefruit Smoked Sea Salt marmalade
Le Meadow’s Pantry’s Grapefruit Smoked Sea Salt marmalade

raspberry-2blueberry honey

lime tequilaapricot jam spoon

banana chocobalsamic strawberry

North Delta Spring Market  11-4 Sunbury Hall, this Sunday, March 16th along with 50 local chefs, artisans, bakers & craftspeople.

Le Meadow’s Pantry will be there with over 18 different flavours to discover !

Time to Play…

Empty Boxes
Empty Boxes

 It has been such a fabulous and abundant year…

New Flavours in my Kitchen
New Flavours in my Kitchen

 It’s time to play and bring in new flavours… You won’t see me at farmer’s market for the next few weeks, I will be busy in my kitchen….

I am thinking of apple caramel butter, quince and pear butter and, of course lot’s of marmalades…My favourites will be back:

Grapefruit and Smoked Sea Salt

Lime Lemongrass Ginger and Tequila

Grapefruit, Orange and Lemon with Gin

Seville Orange and Cinnamon

Check back often to find out the new flavours…I have a few surprises …

If you can’t wait to see me at the market, I will be happy to ship anywhere or deliver (if you’re around Vancouver, North- Shore or Burnaby) any of your favourites!

In stock right now I have :

Quince Marmalade

Blood Orange Marmalade

Orange Vanilla Marmalade

Red Currant and Raspberry Jam

Golden Apricot Jam

Blueberry Honey Jam

Balsamic Strawberry Jam

Classic Strawberry Jam

Banana Chocolate Jam

Pear and Ginger Jam

Pear Maple Syrup and Sage Jam

Here it is….

red currant raspberry jam
red currant raspberry jam

 Juicy raspberries suspended in ruby-like jelly…

Jewel-Like Red Currants
Jewel-Like Red Currants

Everything just got suddenly way better….

Perfect Pair
Perfect Pair

Come get yours…Will be at Vancouver Farmer’s Market ~ Nat Bailey Stadium~ on Saturday December 14th, 10 am ~ 2 pm…

Enchanting Red Currant

Spying on Red Currants
Spying on Red Currants

I’ve waited patiently all summer long to have perfectly red gleaming jewel-like currants…

Red Currant Blushing
Red Currants Blushing

To make a ravishing and succulent preserve for Christmas…

Red Currants on Snow
Red Currants on Snow

To savour on a cold snowy day…

Two Hearths
Two Hearths

And to share with loved ones…

Because sharing is caring