I love comments and feedback, so please don’t hesitate to contact me at If you would like to purchase some preserves, you can find me at local farmer’s markets and at several retail locations. I also deliver if you live in Vancouver, Burnaby or on the North Shore, and we can ship anywhere around the world!


Pour commander des confitures et marmalades, et avoir la liste des saveurs du moment, veuillez me contacter directement: merci!

12 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Helo Genevieve!
    I wanted to inquire how we go about ordering your jams and having them delivered to our home in Edmonton.
    We discovered your booth last summer on Granville Island, when we were on our honeymoon, and fell in love with the Tequila Limette flavor (I think that’s the name)…..anyway, WE NEED MORE!!!!!
    I noticed it is not on your list of flavors you have available right now, so we are willing to wait,
    We plan on ordering a few, and some other flavors as well, but do you know when you will have OUR flavour again?
    Also how do we go about ordering it, how much, how much for shipping etc……
    Thank you!!!
    Sincerely, SK.


  2. Good Morning
    Do you have a location in South Surrey, White Rock area that sells your product. I purchased a jam at the summer market in White Rock and would love to try some of the other flavors you offer. Or if I decide to order on line its not clear what the shipping costs are and I would rather purchase direct from a store or can you let me know if you are returning to the White Rock market in November or December.


    1. Hi Karen, thank you for contacting me. I have some products in store at Sinfully The Best in Steveston; 13-3993 Chatham Street. I won’t be returning to the Whiter Rock market in Nov or Dec but on December 7th and 14th I will be at the North Delta Winter Market, Sunbury Hall. These are the closest location.You can also look at my schedule on the “farmer’s market” page for other markets and holiday fairs I will be attending. Also, in store I carry 4 flavours; spiced apple and cranberry jelly, pear, maple syrup and sage jam, orange marmalade and lemon vodka marmalade. I hope this is helpful! G


  3. Hi
    On your website it said you would be at Kerrisdale Market Aug 29, I went but you weren’t scheduled to be there. I just want to make sure that you will be at Kerrisdale Sept 12?


    1. Hi Fran,
      my apologies for the confusion. I was away and unfortunately ( or fortunately ;)) I had no access to wifi and could not update the schedule on my website. Yes I will be in Kerrisdale on Sept. 12.


  4. Hi Genevieve,

    I found your wonderful products at Andrew’s on eighth cafe here in the North shore. I’m heading back to sunny Scotland in the next few months & wanted to send some to my family. Can I purchase half a dozen jams and have it shipped to my family back home (then they can fight over it). There probably needs to be 3 marmalades in that order.


    1. hi , thank you so much for contacting me ! Id be happy to send half a case to your family , please email me the address and I can give you the shipping cost and more info …. lemeadowspantry @ gmail dot com
      Kindle, Genevieve


  5. Dear Friends at Le Meadow’s Pantry,
    While visiting Vancouver, I thoroughly enjoyed your divine Orange Marmalade….so much so that I brought a little jar of it home from our room service table order on our last morning there. The description on the label says orange, pure cane sugar & lemon juice and I would like to know if our Local Whole Foods Markets in Houston carry your products or do I have to order on line? They would make perfect Christmas gifts.
    Thank you for the excellence in your delicious confiture…..I look forward to introducing them to many others.
    Nancy Ames
    Houston, Texas


    1. Dear Nancy
      Thank you for contacting me . I am glad you enjoyed the marmalade . Unfortunately I do not sale at Whole Foods in Houston . You are welcome to send me an email to place an order
      lemeadowspantry @ gmail com


  6. Hi, A number of months ago I bought a jar of your apple and blackcurrant chutney at Whole Foods. Ever since I have been wondering about that label, because there are no blackcurrants listed on the ingredient list and I sure don’t taste any blackcurrants. Could you clarify this for me please? Anna


    1. Hello Anna
      thank you for contacting me. The chutney you bought was Apple and Black Currants. There was an error in the ingredient list; black currant was not added to the list. Even though we carefully look at all the information on our labels before printing sometimes we do make mistakes. The label has been rectify since, some stores may still have the older version. I can assure you there is black currants in each jars. I am sorry for any inconvenience, don’t hesitate to contact me again if you have any more questions. Genevieve


  7. hello again from 2017! will you be having Unruly Chutney this season? would you ship to me in Sechelt, please?

    i look forward to hearing from you
    and thank you


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