Mostarda is a traditional Italian sweet and piquant condiment made with fresh and dried fruits preserved in syrup. While mustard seeds or powdered mustard add its characteristic spicy flavour, “mostarda” does not mean “mustard” in Italian.

Mostarda is found throughout Italy and the best known version is from Cremona. Some are thick, some are loose, some are made with fresh fruit, others with dried fruit, or a combination of both.

My Peculiar Mostarda is composed of fresh cherries, dried figs and apricots, white wine vinegar, honey and a mix of mustard seeds. It is sweet and sour tasting, with a nice spicy bite to it.


Traditional Partners: perfect condiment for roasted meat, served with a cheese platter and pâté, terrine, roasted chicken

Unexpected Partners: add to the filling of stuffed pasta with ricotta cheese

Available: Winter 2015


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