Crisp apples, tart black currants and shallots begin this fragrant chutney, followed by spicy ginger and mustard seeds, sweet honey and apple cider vinegar, and finished with a blend of aromatic spices.


Traditional partners: cheese, pâté, pork, chicken, terrine

Unexpected Partners: tourtière, cipaille

Available: Yes all year round 

2 thoughts on “My Unruly Chutney

  1. hello – i have just enjoyed a jar of le Meadow’s Pantry apple and black currant chutney, i’ve no idea where i obtained, it could have been a gift. is it marvellous, i’ve been enjoying with lamb and cornish hens. may i know where to purchase or will you ship to me. i live in Sechelt. thank you Beverley Merryfield


    1. Hello Beverley, thank you for contacting me. I am delighted that you love the chutney so much. At this time it is not available on the Sunshine Coast; the closest store from you would be whole foods at park Royal. There is a list of retailers on my website as well for different stores. Kindly, Genevieve


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