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Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

H. C. Andersen.


Lilac Bloom
Lilac Bloom


Fruit and Nut Bread with Le Meadow's Pantry Marmalade
Fruit and Nut Bread with Le Meadow’s Pantry Marmalade


Le Meadow's Pantry Dandelion Confit
Le Meadow’s Pantry Dandelion Confit

Spread love this week end with a dandelion confit or a marmalade from Le Meadow’s Pantry. All our preserves are made with love, by hand, in small batches.

Find us on Saturday May 3rd at the first market of the season at Lonsdale Quay Farmer’s Market and, on Sunday May 4th at Ambleside Farmer’s Market.

Lonsdale Quay Farmer’s Market

Saturday May 3, 10 -3 pm

123 Carrie Cates Court, at the food of Lonsdale St. N-Vancouver


Ambleside  Farmer’s Market

Sunday May 4th, 10 -3 pm

Bellevue Avenue, on the 1500 block ,

between 15th and 16th street, West Vancouver