“If I can’t have too many truffles, I’ll do without truffles”.



Various Preserves on Le Meadow's Table
Various Preserves on Le Meadow’s Table



Jams, Jelly, Marmalade at Le Meadow's Pantry
Jams, Jelly, Marmalade at Le Meadow’s Pantry

If you’ve visited Le Meadow’s Pantry at a farmer’s market, you know what I’m talking about…

So many choices…

Why so many? How can I select one? Which one is your favourite? I want them all ! Those are few of the comments I hear over and over..

Following the seasons allow me to use the best quality fruits and varieties, giving me the chance to create a myriad of preserves. You will often find over 20 different flavours on my table..

Like you, I also have a hard time deciding on my favourite, and I like discovering new aromas.. so I will keep adding new products, depending on my moods, the crops and the season..

You are always welcome to sample a flavour that appeals to you, and hopefully find your perfect match.

For now, at least I can help you differentiate between a jam, a jelly, a confit and a marmalade…



Marmalade: the English food writer May Byron (1861-1936) wrote in May Byron’s Jam Book : “After long and careful investigation, I find it impossible to differentiate between jams and marmalades. If any recipes calls a thing jam, marmalade, or preserves, I shall follow suit. By that or any other name,’twill taste as sweet.”

Typically, a marmalade is defined as a clear, sweetened jelly in which pieces of citrus fruit and fruit peels are suspended…


classic strawberry jam


Typically a jam is defined as a fruit preserve with pieces of fruit cooked with sugar or honey until they thicken and break down.




Typically a jelly is a fruit juice that has been combined with sugar or honey, lemon juice, pectin and boiled until it sets.



Typically a confit refers to flowers, fruits or herbs that have been cooked in a syrup and is intensely fragrant.



Happy Mother’s Day !

Bonne Fête Des Mères !

Following the Season, Following your Heart

Fresh Local Rhubarb
Fresh Local Rhubarb Le Meadow’s Pantry

There is something comforting about following the season in my kitchen. After the dark days of winter, bright ruby red rhubarb is bringing back sweet memories of Spring.


Chopping Rhubarb in Le Meadow's Kitchen
Chopping Rhubarb at Le Meadow’s Kitchen

And the chopping begins; hundreds of pounds of fresh rhubarb will be chopped in thick pieces and later, melt in the jam pan, while the sweet aroma will perfume my kitchen for days…


I Love Rhubarb
I Love Rhubarb


Rhubarb, the hearth of Spring, with its sweet, tart, unique flavour is always worth waiting for…


Rhubarb in Bloom
Rhubarb in Bloom

Rhubarb in Bloom; bright rhubarb and delicate rose petal water for tender mornings… And Fiery Rhubarb with spicy ginger to warm up after a cold winter..



Fiery Rhubarb
Fiery Rhubarb


Add new memories to your Spring morning…

Find me this week:

Yaletown Farmer’s Market , Thursday May 8th, 2-6 pm.

Lonsdale Quay Farmer’s Market , Saturday May 10th, 10-3pm

Blim Market, Sunday May 11th, 12-6pm

Spread Love

Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

H. C. Andersen.


Lilac Bloom
Lilac Bloom


Fruit and Nut Bread with Le Meadow's Pantry Marmalade
Fruit and Nut Bread with Le Meadow’s Pantry Marmalade


Le Meadow's Pantry Dandelion Confit
Le Meadow’s Pantry Dandelion Confit

Spread love this week end with a dandelion confit or a marmalade from Le Meadow’s Pantry. All our preserves are made with love, by hand, in small batches.

Find us on Saturday May 3rd at the first market of the season at Lonsdale Quay Farmer’s Market and, on Sunday May 4th at Ambleside Farmer’s Market.

Lonsdale Quay Farmer’s Market

Saturday May 3, 10 -3 pm

123 Carrie Cates Court, at the food of Lonsdale St. N-Vancouver


Ambleside  Farmer’s Market

Sunday May 4th, 10 -3 pm

Bellevue Avenue, on the 1500 block ,

between 15th and 16th street, West Vancouver



Sneak Peek at May

Peeking Through Lush
Peeking Through Lush


Sun Peeking Through
Sun Peeking Through

Peeking Through Raspberry
Peeking Through Raspberry

 In May, everywhere plants are leafing out, growing and giving the promise of a plentiful harvest. The light is brighter and beauty is all around.



Dandelion Field
Dandelion Field

In May, we will be visiting our cherished friends in Pemberton where dandelions are waiting to be foraged and transformed into a delicate confit.


Le Meadow's Pantry Preserves
Le Meadow’s Pantry Preserves

In May, many of our favourite farmer’s market are beginning their season. This is where you will find us this month:


Lonsdale Quay Artisan Farmer’s Market : May 3 – 10 – 31

Yaletown Farmer’s Market : May 8th

Blim Market: May 11th

White Rock Farmer’s Market: May 25th

We are looking forward to seeing you again at the market !










Bon Matin Emerald

Daffodil Morning Le Meadow's Pantry
Daffodil Morning Le Meadow’s Pantry


Blossom Le Meadow's Pantry

Blossom Le Meadow’s Pantry


Say Bonjour to Emerald, Orange Vanilla Dream, Clair de Lune, Banana Gone Gourmet, Limette, Bitter Sweet Morning , Polpa Rossa and all our other favourites

today at

VFM, Nat Bailey Stadium, 10-2 , rain or shine.

North Delta Spring Market Tomorrow !

Le Meadow's Pantry's Grapefruit Smoked Sea Salt marmalade
Le Meadow’s Pantry’s Grapefruit Smoked Sea Salt marmalade

raspberry-2blueberry honey

lime tequilaapricot jam spoon

banana chocobalsamic strawberry

North Delta Spring Market  11-4 Sunbury Hall, this Sunday, March 16th along with 50 local chefs, artisans, bakers & craftspeople.

Le Meadow’s Pantry will be there with over 18 different flavours to discover !

Spring in my Kitchen and, a New Marmalade at the Market!

Snow Drop Melting
Snow Drop

Farewell winter… here comes spring .

Snow at Vancouver Farmer's Market
Snow at Vancouver Farmer’s Market

Something in the air is definitely different…

IMG_4324 IMG_0333

Lemon Balm Chamomile

Spring is bringing new shoots, new growths and new projects.

Che my faithful companion

Often at the market people ask me how do I get my inspiration… Walking in the forest with Che is where I dream of new flavours…

Orange, Lemon, Bay Leaves and Orange Flower Water Marmalade
Orange, Lemon, Bay Leaves and Orange Flower Water Marmalade

Like this new marmalade. Thin slices of oranges and lemons  with fresh bay leaves gives a sharp taste and a scant amount of orange flower water add a touch of softness. A bright marmalade for spring mornings.

Orange, Lemon, Bay Leaves and Orange Flower Water Marmalade
Orange, Lemon, Bay Leaves and Orange Flower Water Marmalade

Tomorrow, Saturday March 8th, Vancouver Farmers Market @ Nat Bailey Stadium 10-2 pm. Rain, wind and 20 different flavours to try !

Leisurely Breakfast


All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast ~John Gunther~

Orange Vanilla Marmalade
Orange Vanilla Marmalade

Would you favour a classic marmalade?

Wild Apple Butter
Wild Apple Butter

Or a richly-scented wild apple butter with thyme ?

Blueberry, goji berry, honey jam
Blueberry, goji berry, honey jam

Or perhaps a copious blueberry and goji berry jam sweetened with golden honey?

Jams and Marmalades Le Meadow's Pantry
Jams and Marmalades Le Meadow’s Pantry

Why not come and experience them tomorrow at the market? We have 18 flavours to delight in.

Saturday February 22nd 10 – 2 pm

Vancouver Farmer’s Market

Nat Bailey’s Stadium, 30th@ Ontario.

So, It’s Been a While…Come for a Visit !

Genevieve in the Kitchen

January was spent in the kitchen…

Chopping Lemons
Chopping Lemons

Chopping, chopping and chopping some more…

3 citrus and gin marmalade
3 citrus and gin marmalade

Macerating and infusing…

Lime, Meyer Lemon, Lemon Grass and Tequila Marmalade
Lime, Meyer Lemon, Lemon Grass and Tequila Marmalade

Cooking and transforming…

blood orange marmalade
blood orange marmalade

Capturing subtle essences…

Orange Vanilla Marmalade
Orange Vanilla Marmalade

Reinventing classic recipes…


So, now is time to meet at the market. Dress warm and come get a jar of marmalade; pure sunshine in a jar..

Nat Bailey Stadium this Saturday, February 8th, 10-2 pm..